How the TERRAMAR consulting group Looks at Social Change Work… or Why We Exist

The TERRAMAR consulting group exists to help solve the world’s most urgent social problems in strategic partnership with philanthropies, non-governmental organizations, and cultural leaders.

What We Love

Love is word at the TERRAMAR consulting group. We love truth. We love justice. We love complexity. We love wildness.
And we love the juicy challenge of social change that runs down our chins like a too-ripe peach on a hot summer day.

What We Be

TERRAMAR be skookum. We be catalyzers of change. Curators of creative ideas. Superheroes of system evolution.
Alchemists of radical innovation. Designers of strategic solutions. Weavers of collaborative webs. Breakers of boundaries.

What We See

We see the modern world as a crazy beautiful set of disorienting dilemmas—highly textured and nuanced realities that are rich with possibility for creating audacious opportunities, forging unexpected relationships, and catalyzing entirely new paradigms for how we humans live and work on the gorgeous planet we share with what remains of the wild.
Yet, this world is also one that is rife with intractable problems. Villainous challenges that keep us up at night. Riddles that are difficult to name, let alone solve. This is the juice at TERRAMA; this is our jam. We exist to thread the needle; go where angels fear to tread; dance on the head of a pin; stand on the razor’s edge… You get the idea.

What We Dream

TERRAMAR is about transforming the game and throwing out the rulebook. We exist to do nothing less than inspire big, bold, beautiful change in humanity and the world.
And we are undaunted in our commitment to help spark vital movements where inner and outer worlds are aligned around a vision for the world that is more compassionate, generous, connected, intelligent, creative, sacred, and whole.

What We Do

The current environmental and socio-cultural crises we face mandate a whole new approach to political change. TERRAMAR’s methodologies reflect our experience that effectively driving this scale and rate of change requires a systemic approach grounded in a wholly new set of strategies and tactics.
Rather than treading the all to familiar reductionist us-vs.-them-good-vs.-bad-groove that got us all here in the first place, we believe that if our work further fragments and divides—well, then we’ve failed. Success in our book requires nothing less than breaking down barriers, sparking synergy, discovering connections, catalyzing collaboration, fostering resilience, and restoring the most beautiful elements of our humanity.