The TERRAMAR consulting group provides strategic advice to the philanthropic community and nonprofit organizations working to protect the planet’s wild biological and cultural diversity. Success in our book is about catalyzing needed political will and public engagement, driving enduring, systemic change, and advancing the emergence of a more just and sustainable world.
We see the world as beautifully complicated—and our modern reality rife with challenges that are inextricably interrelated and difficult to name let alone solve. Unraveling these exquisitely complex riddles is the juice at TERRAMAR. And we see ourselves as existing to thread the needle; go where angels fear to tread; dance on the head of a pin; stand on the razor’s edge…you get the idea.

TERRAMAR is about changing the game and throwing out the rulebook; we aspire to do nothing less than change the world.


TERRAMAR’s past and present projects focus on the critical questions of our time: land, sea, water, energy, wildlife, food, indigeneity, justice, equity, policy, politics, and people and communities.

Our methodologies reflect the undeniability that the type and scale of change the world needs requires an entirely new approach. Rather than treading the familiar reductionist us vs. them, good vs. bad groove that got us all here in the first place, our work refuses to further fragment the ecological, social, cultural, or economic systems we work in. Success, in our experience, requires an interdisciplinary approach that enables us to cross boundaries, create synergy, build networks, discover connections, and restore the health and resiliency of our landscapes, seascapes, and humanity. To this end, we apply the principles of ecology, innovation, and design- and system-thinking to the myriad challenges destroying the natural world. And we do this work in close partnership with the people and communities who call it home.

Over two decades in the field meeting the social change challenge head-on provides TERRAMAR with a depth and breadth of experience across a distinct set of social change competencies. This expertise allows us to deliver inventive and effective products and provide expertise and knowledge in the following core areas:

  • Biocultural Conservation
  • Conservation Science & Conservation Area Design
  • Innovative Global Grantmaking Strategies & Programs
  • Rigorous Research, Analytics & Strategic Advice to Inform Project Design & Implementation
  • Catalytic Models of Social Change & Movement-Building
  • Creative Communications & Media
  • Collaborative Partnership, Alliance & Network Creation
  • Leadership & Organizational Development


cristinaCRISTINA MORMORUNNI is Founder and Director of the TERRAMAR consulting group. For over 20 years, Cristina has been crafting high impact marine and terrestrial conservation strategies and catalytic philanthropic initiatives from Canada’s mythic Far North to Antarctica’s wild Southern Ocean to the sweeping tropical savannas of Northern Australia to the teeming waters of the North Pacific—and several places in between. She has worked for and with the non-profit, philanthropic, and government sectors in North America, South American, and the Asia-Pacific.
davidDAVID GORDON is a Principal at TERRAMAR. Having worked for Pacific Environment, the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation, and the Goldman Environmental Prize, David has spent over 20 years supporting grassroots and community-based changemakers in places as diverse as Russia, China, Cambodia, Alaska, and British Columbia. Along the way, he has helped facilitate effective coalitions and collaborations, leading to the protection of millions of acres of wildlands.


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